Resealable sealing tape is one kind of bag sealing tape that can reseal for many times on packaging bags.This kind of tape is made up of four parts,peel off liner,PET middle basic material and double sided acrylic adhesive.

Resealable sealing tape is applicated to seal PE/PP material packaging bags,like garment bags,gift bags,T-shirt bags,hesiery bags,toy bags,stationery bags,comb bags and so on.

Note that the peel off liner is wider than adhesive,so you can easliy peel off it and seal your packaging bags fast.Manufacturers of packaging bags use it to produce re-close bags on machine.All materials are heat culttable.In order to make the liner more easy to peel off,we usually make the adhesive on the left or right side of liner,left more space for finger to catch.In this situation,you have to choose left or right glue to fit your machine.Central glue is also available,you won’t have to seperate left or right glue any more.

As for the liner,we can print different design on it,for example red words,red line,total red.If we don’t print on it,it shows white color.White color resealable sealing tape is used most,distributers and wholesalers won’t be worry about their buyers finding our factory.Printing resealable sealing tape is more beautiful before liner peeled off,and their users can receive better service because they can easily know who sold it by the special printing.

The adheive is not so strong for permanent sealing,it’s resealable.The narrow side is weeker,so it’s the resealable side.And also we can make it stronger as you wish,so you can use it to seal other thing,effect between resealable and permanent.

Generally,we have three kinds of resealable sealing tape,resealable sealing tape with PE liner,PP liner and PE liner with high tack adhesve.They are all suitable for bag sealing.