Company Profile

Founded in 2014,Sun Tape has grew up to a big warehouse of multfarious adhesive tapes.As the star of our shop,Bag Sealing Tape is our most popular product based on the most competitive manufacturer from China.

The Permanent Bag Sealing Tape is our proud tape for its destructiveness brought by its powerful stickiness of the adhesive,and it has been considered as the best cost performance tape by users from all over the world.We have done international business with Europe,America,United,Kingdom,Finland, Poland,Italy,Maylasia, Singapore,South Africa,Kenya,Egypt,Romania,Vietnam,India and so on.

Further more,Sun Tape has set up a wide gallery of a variety of tapes include security tamper-evident,tapes,protection tapes,bopp packing tapes,masking tapes , stationery tapes,all kinds of double sided tapes,foam,tapes,anti slip tapes ,transfer tapes,PVC tapes,Aluminum foil tapes,kraft paper tapes, Electricity tapes and many other special tapes.We aim at provide the most overall tapes of different applications.

If you can not find what you want on our website,send your inquire,and we will try our best to help.

Sun Tape is the manufacturer of bag sealing tape.
Tape produced in this workshop
We use this machine to blow the film for bag sealing tape
Film Blowing
Machine used to print on the liner of bag sealing tape
Releasing and Printing
Machine used to cut the film of bag sealing tape