HC08 Permanent Sealing Tape on Pallet

Advantages of Permanent Bag Sealing Tape

Permanent bag sealing tape is a kind of very strong double sided tape,which is applicate to seal mailing bag/courier bags/envelopes/box. Made up of hot melt adhesive and acrylic adhesive,permanent sealing tape is covered with white pearlized film and based with PET middle basic material,so it will not break when running on machine.As the most competitive…

5000m permanent sealing tape roll

What’s The Expiry Date of Bag Sealing Tape?

What’s the expiry date of bag sealing tape?There seems no clear singal written on the product packaging or the tape.Normally domestic China customers won’t consider this problem,because it’s easy for them to buy either in large quantity or in bulk.Many potential distributers import containers bag sealing tape because they believe they can sell them out…

Bag Sealing Tape Packaging

New Carton Sizes for Bag Sealing Tape

Bag Sealing Tape is not like BOPP packing tape,Kraft paper tape,foam tape,it’s soft and bigger diameter.If the tape falls or be out of shape,they are not suitable to use on machine to produce packaging bags.They need good protection.In this case,our tape need to be less diameter and better packaing cartons.So,we take 2 steps to keep…

Bag Sealing Tape with red liner and center glue

Red Central Bag Sealing Tape

New product-red color central glue bag sealing tape,with 12.5mm beautiful release liner and good quality adhesive in the center.You won’t having trouble to seperate left and right glue.Our liner is very easy to peel off,suitable for fast packaging plastic bag making. Product size: 12.5mm red PE liner,3.5mm water based acrylic adhesive,6mm solvent based acrylic adhesive.Packed…

Permanent Sealing Tapes in Container

3 Containers Bag Sealing Tape to Vietnam

On 22th September 2015,we completed 3 containers bag sealing tape destination to Vietnam,including 1 20 ft container and 2 40 ft high containers,filling with bag sealing tape,bag making machine and other components. Products including PE05 bag sealing tape and HC08 permanent bag sealing tape. PE05 bag sealing tape: 12.5mm/3.5mm/6mm,packed in 1000m*20 rolls,carton size 315mm*315mm*315mm,very suitable for…

Yellow Release Film Center Bag Sealing Tape

New Product-Yellow Bag Sealing Tape

China Yiwu competitive bag sealing tape manufacturer customize special color and size bag sealing tape:yellow release film,center glue direction,no problem for left or right machine.Our tape is suitable for plastic bag sealing.Beautiful color,good adhesive,steady quality and best price,welcome inquiring. Product size: 12.5mm yellow release film,3.5mm water based acrylic adhesive,6mm solvent based acrylic adhesive.Packed in 1250m…

Different Types of Bag Sealing Tape

Types of Bag Sealing Tape

Bag sealing tape is a kind of special double sided tape used to seal plastic bags and other soft packaging bags,this kind of tape can be applicated on bag making machine to produce packaging bags.Special design of extended liner make the packaging process more efficient.The producers should use different kinds of bag sealing tape according…