Sun Tape is a big warehouse of security sealing tape,tamper evident tape or void tape,we provide good quality security tamper evident tape worldwide.Our tape can be applicated on different material surfaces,like paper,metal,glass,plastic,wood and so on.Usually our tape is used to seal plastic bags,cartons,boxes and other things in bank,office,home.Security tape will show obviously tamper evident that very hard to move when the container is open illegally without permission.

Generally,there are three kinds of security tapes refer to applications:tamper evident lable,carton sealing security tape,tamper evident security bag sealing tape.

Security Tamper Evident Tape
Tamper Evident Security Lable
Security Tamper Evident Tape
Tamper Evident Security Tape for Carton Sealing
Security Tamper Evident Tape
Tamper Evident Security Tape for Bag Sealing

Tamper evident label is a kind of self adhesive material based on plastic film,copperplate paper or synthetic paper liner with special printing.Tamper evident design or words seting in advance will be separated and show when the label is peel off,that is,the interface between label surface material and the surface of object will be obviously and structurally destoryed,and then tamper evident words like “VOID” or “OPEN” appear,so that the object stay safe in sight.Tamper evident security label has the feature of “peeling means destruction” and “peeling means showing”.

Security label is mostly applicated in electronic products,courier& logistics,financial security,anti counterfeiting identification,safe packaging and so on.Similar to security label,tamper evident security tape has the same purpose but different application.