Bag sealing tape is mostly applicated to seal soft packaging bags,made up of PE, OPP,PVC, EVA and other materials on bag making machine by packaging bag manufacturers.The film of bag sealing tape is wider than the adhesive,so people can peel of the liner easier and faster.Benefit to this design,worker can package more products in shorter period of time,the company will be more competitive in the procedure of packaging.

There are two kinds of adhesive you can choose for bag sealing tape,permanent or resealable.Permanent sealing tape is strong adhesive,it is used to seal heavy duty palstic bags,envelopes,boxes,bubble bags,non-woven fabric bags,they will not be available to open intactly,the packages will be broken under the tearing of the permanent adhesive.

Another kind is resealable bag sealing tape,the adhesive is not strong,you can close and open the bags for many times,like garment bags,eraser bags,pen bags,book bags and so on.

Now make your choice from below options:

As china competitive bag sealing tape manufacturer,we offer special printing of your logo and thoughts on liner,they can help to build your brand and spread effects in local areas.Also thickiness and price can be controled in your demand.