PE bag sealing tape is a kind of bag sealing tape coverd with HDPE film,applicated to seal BOPP/PP material packaging bags on heat cuttable bag making machine.We use PET as the middle basic material,double coated with good quality acrylic adhesive.It is usually called self adhesive sealing tape,peel seal strip,resealable sealing tape,because the bags sealed with the tape can be open and close for many times.

Categories of PE Bag Sealing Tape
  • As for color

(1) White(W)

(2) Print(P)

  • As for feature

(1) General Purpose

(2) Antistatic

(3) High Tack

  • As for Length and Shape

(1) 1000m/1200m/1500m Roll

(2) 10000m Bobbin Spool

  • Using Temperature

(1) Normal  Temperature

(2) Cold Resistant

  • Glue Direction

(1) Left (L)

(2) Right (R)

(3) Center (C)

Bag Sealing Tape with different printing
10000m bobbin bag sealing tape
Big roll bobbin bag sealing tape