Special strong double sided tape,suitable for hard sticking and permanent sealing.

Permanent bag sealing tape is a kind of very strong double sided bag sealing tape,which is applicate to seal mailing bag/courier bags/envelopes/box. Made up of hot melt adhesive and acrylic adhesive,permanent sealing tape is covered with white pearlized film and based with PET middle basic material,so it will not break when running on machine.As the most competitive China bag sealing tape manufacturer,our tape is suitable for both hot and cold weather countries.  5,000m bobbin spool is available.

Product Details

Our Permanent Bag Sealing Tape is made up of 4 parts

  1. White pearlized release film

  2. Hot melt adhesive

  3. PET middle basic material

  4. Solvent acrylic adhesive

Permanent Sealing Tape Structure

We have 3 normal sizes permanent bag sealing tape,HC06,HC08 and HC10,they are best sellers.By default,they are 500m rolls,but we can make it 5000m bobbin spool as your demand. besides,we can also customize special wide sizes HC12 and HC20,and other wider sizes.We ask for high MOQ for customized sizes.Center,Left, Right glue are all available.

Permanent Sealing Tape with white liner
Permanent Tape Bobbin Spool
CodeFilmA SidePETB SideDirectionPackaging

Our white permanent tape has very wide applications,it’s suitable for all kinds of mailing products, including courier bags,cartons,box,bubble bags,envelopes,election bags,tamper evident security bags and other shock proof packing products whose surface are specially dealed.

Tapes used to seal envelopes
Double sided tape used to seal mailing bags
kraft paper envelopes sealed with Permanent sealing tape
blue mailing bag sealed by permanent tape
bubble mailing bag sealed by permanent tape
white aluminum coated bubble bag sealed by bag sealing tape
Paper Envelope Sealed by Bag Sesaling Tape
Mailing Envelope Sealed with Bag Sealing Tape
dubbel dvd sleeves sealed by bag sealing tape
Yellow Aluminum Bubble Padded Bag sealed with bag sealing tape
Yellow Colored Jiffy Padded Bubble Envelope sealed with permanent bag sealing tape
Magazine Bag sealed with bag sealing tape

Pearlized plastic film with white color.

white color permanent sealing tape
  • High-tack adhesive

We use good quality hot melt adhesive to be the destructive part,it shows good effect on material of HDPE film,paper,kraft paper,bubble film,and paper cartons.

  • Full range applications

Our permanent sealing tape have the most full range of application.Despite of plastic material packaging products,like express/courier/mailing bags,bubble bags,the tape made up of perlized film is water resistant,suitable for most paper material,like paper envelopes,kraft paper envelopes and cartons.

·Self Seal Envelopes   ·Plastic Mailing Bags  Poly Mailing Bags   ·Poly Envelopes   ·Paper Mailers   ·Bubble Mailers   ·Bubble Bag   ·Bubble Pouches  ·Security Bags   ·Jiffy Bags   ·Carboard Envelopes

  • Easy peel off liner

Our permanent sealing tape’s liner is wider than adhesive,this kind of special structure make the liner very easy to peel off,you just need to peel and seal your bags,even by children and the old.

  • Low cost

We use strong solvent acrylic adhesive as the other side.Compare to hot melt adhesive,acrylic adhesive is cheaper.Because we made the acrylic adhesive side wider than hot melt adhesive side,it won’t appear week than you think,on the contrary,it is as strong as the hot melt adhesive act.

  • Heat cuttable

Our tape is heat cuttable,for this feature,most packaging bags manufacturers can use our tape to product packaging bags by bag making machine.

  • 5000m bobbin spool available,saving time

Usually we make the tape 200 micron thick,500 meters long.But we can make it 5000m bobbin spool,you just have to chang one time when the 5000m tape run out,not 10 times,in this way bag making manufacturer can save much time and increase their production efficiency.

  • Directly from the factory,best quality control

We are manufacturer of permanent sealing tape,customers can get the best price and solutions for your product sealing.